Advanced Fetal Heart Monitoring Course


Our team of Instructors welcome you to join us for a virtual Advanced Fetal Heart Monitoring (FHM) course during the COVID-19 quarantine. 

The Advanced FHM Course is taught in a single 8-hour session (plus a 30-60 minute lunch break), designed to prepare clinicians to care for patients with complex fetal heart monitoring tracings, and you will be receiving 7 CEUs (6 CMEs for Doctors/Midwives) for attending. There is a minimum of 8 paid students needed to teach this course, and a maximum of 20 students; so, invite a friend!  No matter where you are located in the US and entities, you can take this online course with us.  We look forward to teaching you.

Course components include:
~ Complex case studies that include recommended interventions
~ Communicating with colleagues
~ Advanced principles of maternal-fetal physiology
~ Optional online post-test is available

Advanced FHM Course Intended Audience, Prerequisites: This course is designed for clinicians who previously completed an intermediate level Fetal Heart Monitoring or comparable training/course, or hold a FHM certification (E.g. – C-EFM).

  • AWHONN Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring Course
  • A comparable fetal monitoring educational program
  • And/or who hold certification or added credentials in Fetal Heart Monitoring (E.g. – C-EFM)

Cost for the Advanced FHM course is $150

AWHONN requires you to purchase their student materials for a cost of $110/student plus tax and shipping. You can order and purchase your book from AWHONN/Kendall Hunt (please order about 2 weeks in advance).  You will need these materials for the after-class survey/feedback, and to get the CEUs.

  • Advanced Workshop – Student MaterialPrint Book (6th Edition)ISBN  9781792487828
  • Advanced Workshop – Student MaterialeBook (6th Edition), ISBN 9798765777817
    • The Advanced Fetal Monitoring workbook can now be purchased as an eBook as well from Kendall Hunt. That means you can buy and download the book any time prior to or on the day of your course and avoid the shipping costs. 
  • *** You will need the individual key code that comes with the UNOPENED/UNUSED purchased book to be able to get your certificate and CEUs/CMEs!!
  • *** You need to plan on attending the entire course, without interruption(s), to meet AWHONNs requirements to receive CEUs and the certificate

Advanced FHM Course(s) being offered** Time Zones ** are depicted:

This is a single 8-hour session (plus a lunch break)

  • Workshop# UNIA2443566 – 9 May 2024, *Registration Closed*
  • Workshop# UNIA2443567 – 30 September 2024, Start Time 8:30 am EDT (8:30 am AST, 7:30 am CDT, 6:30 am MDT, 5:30 am PDT, 4:30 am AKDT, 3:30 am HST)
  • Workshop# UNIA2443568 – 9 December 2024, Start Time 8:30 am EST (9:30 am AST, 7:30 am CST, 6:30 am MST, 5:30 am PST, 4:30 am AKDT, 4:30 am HST)

Once you have registered, we will send information on obtaining a free Zoom account (you must have Zoom version 5 downloaded). Once the minimum number of class participants have registered and paid, you will receive a link for the course Zoom session.  You must have a laptop or desktop PC with camera and microphone function activated in order to participate

Instructors: Lisa-Marie Cook, BSN, RNC/OB, C-EFM; Megan Beglin, BSN, RNC/OB, C-EFM; Anna Eisenberg, BSN, RNC/OB


Lisa-Marie Cook, Megan Beglin & Anna Eisenberg:

Please contact us should you have any questions:


Participants can access the AWHONN Participants Portal at to provide course evaluation/feedback in order to receive CNE/CME and Certificate (remember your AWHON log-in information!!). Once the evaluation/feedback is submitted online, the system will immediately generate their certificate. Participants will have the option to take or skip the test. During the classroom experience, Instructors will advise participants if their/your facility requires the test score (travelers will normally have to take the test), then they will need to complete the test. Participants who opt out of taking the test and who complete the course feedback will not be permitted to take the examination at a later date (without repurchasing a new Student Material Pack) because the Unique ID number and Course Number will have been used. Participants will have 30 days after the class ends to complete the process.

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* AWHONN Adherence to Virtual Offerings required reading *


Payment and Refund policies:

  • Payments must be received 1 week prior to class starting, or you risk losing your slot to another registrant.
  • There are no refunds within 1 week of the class starting.
  • There is a $25 non-refundable cancellation fee.

If you’re not redirected to the payment page after registering, please go to our Pay Online webpage, and the Advanced FHM payment link is at the bottom of the page.