Group Classes

Our Group Class (Childbirth & Newborn Care) is designed to provide the mother and father/partner with a comprehensive, informative course covering ALL aspects of childbirth–from the last trimester of pregnancy to going home from the hospital.
The stages and phases of labor and comfort measures for those desiring an unmedicated natural birth will be demonstrated and handouts provided. Should a need for intervention arise during your labor, you will learn about all aspects of intervention– induction, medications, interventions, analgesia, anesthesia, assisted vaginal birth, and cesarean delivery— why they are deemed necessary, and how to ask those pertinent questions in your care.
Whether you plan to have a natural birth or medicated birth, information includes up-to-date, evidence-based research for the best birth possible! Additionally, there is an hour designed for parents to learn how to care for their new baby–the best practices beginning from the moment of delivery through the first weeks at home!

  • 10% discount when you combine a regular class and a comfort measures class
  • 10% active U.S. military discount (Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, Air Force)
  • Contact with any class questions (please include a phone number as well as return email address)

* Discounts cannot be combined *

When should I take my class?  Ideally between your 28th-36th week of pregnancy! Patients with high-risk pregnancy may want to take a course between 24-28 weeks’ gestation.

Online Scenario:

  • The Online Group Class block consists of a Saturday and Sunday
  • The written class materials are mailed out the weekend prior to the class weekend.
  • There are approximately 6 1/2 hours of videos, broken into several modules.  A video access link email and the live chat link will be sent out prior to your class starting on Saturday, where you get the entire weekend to view the videos at your leisure; no set time.
    • It is best to view the videos prior to the Live Q&A mentioned below.
  • There will then be a 60-minute live Q&A the Sunday evening of the class weekend, typically starting 7:00 pm or 7:30 pm, depending on class size.
  • The class will be enhanced if you have a birth/yoga/exercise ball, a hot/cold pack and a massager.  You can opt to purchase our Comfort Kit which does have the hot/cold pack and massager in it.
  • If you DO NOT receive the email with links by Saturday morning, the day your class block starts, please contact us at, 703-994-2044.

Class Location:   Online

The Online course is offered over a weekend
To be completed by the end of the weekend with a live stream, 60-minute Q&A session the Sunday evening of the class weekend, to wrap things up.

Price: $150 per couple, 1 session

Prices may change without warning

No class registration will be accepted when a chosen class date is within 3 days of the due date.

Unforeseen weather/illness circumstances may cause a class to be rescheduled/cancelled.  If this rare occasion occurs, students will be notified as the situation happens.

We are temporarily halting IN CLASSROOM classes.

Due to the need to move courses online, you will register for a date block (weekend – Saturday and Sunday), take/view the class modules online during that date block. A follow-up, 60-minute live video conference Q&A session will be held at the end of the date block.

* Registration closes approximately 3 days prior to the class weekend *

Register Online


  • 13-14 July 2024 – Group Online – Registration is closed
  • 3-4 August 2024 – Group Online
  • 10-11 August 2024 – Group Online
  • 7-8 September 2024 – Group Online
  • 21-22 September 2024 – Group Online

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** Payment is due at time of registration **


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